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Understand Our Policy
Please carefully read and understand our Enrollment Agreement before signing up your child(ren) with us. Please feel free to download " Enrollment Agreement", sign, and submit with other registration forms.
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Please feel free to download and fill out the following forms in order to enroll our summer school program:
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Important Things to Know Before Enrolling in Summer School




I hereby certifythat I am the parent or legal guardian of the listed student below, a minor, toparticipate in ISTEIN summer school program, ISTEIN Global in Queens Inc. andall its programs and activities. I grant ISTEIN the right to take and usephotos and videos of the student listed below for promotional purposes. Ihereby agree to reimburse ISTEIN for any property damage caused by the studentlisted below. I understand that the listed student below will not be allowed toparticipate in summer school and any other sponsored activities unless Iprovide a medical form completed by a licensed medical professional. I understand that my child’s records(contacts, phone numbers, emails, and authorized pick-up) are my responsibilityto keep current and accurate. I will update my child’s records through the sitedirector of ISTEIN whenever there is a change.


I understand that I am responsible formaking onetime payments in fulland that paymentsare due on June 22nd,2019.If the full payment is not received after the due date, Iunderstand that my child may be removed from the program. Children withoutstanding balances will not be able to attend ISTEIN. I understand there are no refunds after July 1st,2019. I understandthat Hours of Operation are8:00 am to 6:00 pm. A $4 Late Fee for every 10 minutes(6:01pm - 6:10pm = $4 / 6:11pm - 6:20pm= $8 / 6:21pm – 6:30pm = $12) will be due that day, if I am taking my childafter 6:00 pm. Extendedtime will be no later than 6:30 pm.


Program payments should be made bycash or check. Payments by check should be made to ISTEIN GLOBAL IN QUEENS INC. I understand that full payments(one-time payment) are dueon June 22nd,2019.


I understand that there are somepublic holidays that ISTEIN will not be open. ISTEIN will NOT be insession on the following day(s):July 4th, 2019. I understand that the ISTEIN program will not meet due to inclementweather.  


I understand that in the event of anyabsences during program hours, I will be responsible for fees for time reserved,not for actual time spent at the program. This would include any vacation time.


I understand that my child will NOT bereleased to any unauthorized person. I must sign my child out daily.


I hereby give my child permission toparticipate in all activities of the program and field trips. I give my childpermission to leave the program site for trips in a school activity vehicle orchartered transportation, or family car to off-site locations and enrichmentprograms. I understand that I will be notified before each activity. I give mychild permission to walk to points of interest in close proximity to theprogram site under ISTEIN supervision. I give permission tohave my child appear in any media coverage or brochure approved. I give mychild permission to watch PG movies.


I authorize the ISTEIN Site Director or designee to administermedication when necessary. I understand that I will have to sign a medicationauthorization form before any medication can be administered. ISTEIN staff will not administer shots (otherthan an EPI pen) or suppositories.


I understand that ISTEIN is not staffed to serve children whoneed one on one direct care. All children who attend ISTEIN must be able to use the toilet without assistance.


I understand that my child will haveto abide by the ISTEIN policies and procedures to ensurethat each participant is safe and plays fair. My child will be taken away fromactivities when he/she cannot behave in a safe and expected manner. I will beinformed of unacceptable behavior and asked to sign a discipline form. Iunderstand that fighting of any kind will not be tolerated and will result inan automatic suspension. If behavior continues to be a problem, the SiteDirector will have the discretion to suspend my child from the program. Ifbehavior does not improve, as a last resort, my child will be removed from theprogram. ISTEIN does not use corporal punishment.


In the case of an emergency if any ofthe listed contacts and emergency contacts cannot be reached, the director oracting person in charge of ISTEIN as well as the medical staff at New YorkHospital Queens has my permission to make decisions regarding the emergencycare or treatment for the student listed below. I hereby waive and release ISTEIN,and/or its designees from any and all liability and costs associated with anyaccidents and emergency care. I further understand that I or my medicalinsurance carrier will be responsible for any medical expenses arising fromsaid emergency or treatment.


  • I understand the rates apply to basic summerschool program only unless otherwise specified.

  • I understand if the student listedbelow is dismissed from ISTEIN summer school program that all tuition and feesassessed are non-refundableand non-transferable,and it can NOTbe used as credit for other applicant(s) or upcoming terms due to any and allpublic holidays, public school breaks, and any natural disasters or/and forcemajeure.  

  • I understand the discount is only valid to 2ndor 3rd student from same family with enrollment of entire 6 to 7-weekfull day summer school program from July 1st, 2019 through August 16th, 2019,and the payment must be paid in full prior to the starting of the summerprogram, and that payments are due on June 22nd,2019.

  • I understand NO group discounts will be givento students from outside of a family.

  • I understand NO refunds will be given for anyabsence. All tuition and fees assessed are also non-transferable and it can NOTbe used as credit for other applicant(s) or upcoming terms due to any absence.

  • I understand the programs offered /tuition is subject to change every year.

  • I understand and agree to make cashpayment in the sum of $30for administration fee if any checkwritten to ISTEINGlobal in Queens Inc. bounces.  

Cancellation of Classes/Ensembles

Istein School reserves the right to cancel any class or ensemble due to insufficient enrollment.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Istein School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, national origin, creed, age, physical or mental disability, religion, veteran-status, ancestry, genetic information, or any other protected characteristic.

Photo/Video Policy

Istein School, ISTEIN GLOBAL GROUP INC may photograph/videotape classes or events for educational purposes, website and publications. If you do not wish your child or yourself to be photographed or videotaped, please submit a brief written statement to the Office.

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